TMP Asian Products

TMP Asian’s durable hydraulic presses models are available for three different molding processes and with a variety of mold openings to ensure the right solution for your manufacturing process. All TMP Asian presses feature sophisticated PLCs, delivering enhanced processing accuracy. At customer’s request, light curtains may be added to all models. Presses are serviced and supported by the experienced team of technicians at French Oil Mill Machinery Company.

Vacu-Jet RCV Vacuum Molding Press Series

The Vacu-Jet vacuum molding press series ranges from 200 to 500 ton models with platen sizes from 500mm to 900mm square. The Vacu-Jet hydraulic system incorporates two pumps with the ability to operate both presses simultaneously.


Econo-Tech RC Compression Molding Press Series

The Econo-Tech compression molding press series, also a two press system, ranges from 200 to 400 ton models with platen sizes from 550mm to 800mm square. The Econo-Tech presses feature multiple top opening plates, allowing more processing flexibility.


Econo-Jet Injection Molding Press Series

The Econo-Jet injection molding press series offers three different model presses, in both horizontal and vertical designs, with capacities from 25 to 600 tons. The Econo-Jet RIHH model is designed with the FIFO shot material method and delivers temperature uniformity +/- 3 degrees Celsius. Presses can be equipped with a silicone stuffer for customers processing silicone and other softer materials.