Rubber Mixer Rebuilding Services & Maintenance Services

We specialize in:

For over thirty years TMP has been a leader in the design and supply of new and rebuilt mixing machinery to the rubber industry. TMP has supplied hundreds of quality mixer rebuilds and upgrades for both large and small mixing operations. Our in-house capabilities and expertise rival any of our competitors. Regardless of the size or brand of mixer, TMP’s rebuilding services are of the highest quality and offer the best return on your dollar.

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Our extensive services include:

  • Complete Inspection, Estimates and Documentation
  • Hydrostatic and Ultrasonic Testing
  • Rotor and Chamber Reconditioning, Hard Facing, and Chroming
  • New improved Chamber Design for some sizes and brands
  • Techni-Mix Advanced Control Package
  • Ingredient Controls Integration
  • Design Upgrades (e. g. Dust Stops, Chamber Hood, Drives)
  • Auxiliary Equipment (e.g. Weigh & Skip Hoist Conveyors, Oil Injection Units, Rebuilt Mills)
  • Availability of used rebuilt mixers in variety of sizes and brands


Rubber Mixer Rebuild
New Improved Chamber Design for Rubber Mixer