Econo-Mix Rubber Mixer

Econo-Mix Rubber Mixer For Rubber & Silicone

Each Econo-Mix tilt-type rubber mixer provides the highest quality mixing of your precise rubber and plastic formulations. TMP offers a variety of batch sizes for every application – even the toughest compounds – from a 3-liter laboratory rubber mixer to the larger 35 to 110 liter production models.

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Increased Chamber Life

  • Stainless Steel Work Hardening Chamber
  • Stainless Steel replaceable Wear Plates
  • Hard Chrome plating on all internal surfaces

High-Shear Advanced Rotor Design

  • Dual Helix Tangential High Shear Design
  • Single-Piece Cored Casting
  • Hard-faced Wing Tips
  • Hard Chrome Surface Coating
  • Replaceable Hard-Faced Rotor Collars

Superior Heating and Super Cooled for Single Pass Mixing

  • Chamber Cooling Passages Drilled Next to Working Surface
  • Floating Weight Cooling
  • Cored Rotor Cooling
  • Chamber Thermocouple
  • Consistent Material Temperature
  • Contoured Cast Cavities for Increased Surface Area
  • Flood Fluid Heating and Cooling
  • Closed Loop Thermocouple Control

Tiling Assembly for Quick, Easy Access, Cleanout

  • Chamber on Stress-relieved fabricated pedestals
  • One-piece Assembly on Roller Bearings
  • Tilt up to 130 deg., with Gearhead Motor and Brake

Low-Maintenance Lubrication

  • Lubeless maintainable dust stop design
  • Trabon grease system
  • Air cylinders mist-oil lubed

Dependable, Powerful, Variable Drive Section

  • Variable Speed to 50 RPM
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Direct Gear Coupling

Floating Weight with Controlled Cooling, Pressure

  • Floating Weight one-piece cored casting
  • Contoured inner section
  • Pressure controlled double-acting ram cylinder
  • Chamber-sealed
  • Viewing Door on Hopper

TMP TL-Series Controls

  • NEMA Enclosure
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Micro-processor
  • TMP Software
  • Light Curtain and Safety Mat

Many options are available, including the newest vacuum mixing for better housekeeping and avoidance of trapped gases in the stock. Please contact us for further information about our rubber mixer or silicone mixer designs.