Mixer Advanced Control Packages for Rubber or Silicone

TMP Techni-Mix Advanced Controls For Intensive Mixers

  • For Use with Any Mixer Brand or Size
  • Modern, Friendly Operator Control Station
  • Data Storage at Mixer or through Network
  • Integration of All Mixing Components

The Techni-Mix Mixer Control System is designed to operate any intensive mixer used for rubber or silicone compounding. The system provides an advanced means of developing, analyzing and storing compound mixing procedures. It provides for documentation of the various process parameters for each mixing sequence, documentation of changes made to the mixing procedure by the operator, and production history and analysis. Packages are available for both Tilt and drop door style mixers as well as for incorporating upstream ingredient weigh stations or downstream mill and take-away processes.

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Techni-Mix Advanced Controls

System Components:

1) Main Control Panel or Console

2) Machine Control Package with PLC Machine interfaces for:

  • Mixer Drive •Ram (floating weight)
  • Temperature control
  • Auxiliary systems:
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic,
  • Lubrication,
  • Process Oil, Dust Collection
  • Other Interfacing is optional (e.g. weighing of ingredients)

3) Operator Interface/ MMI

  • Industrial PC, flat panel color touch screen, slant mounted
  • Graphic displays showing Recipes, Machine Status, Faults, Calibrations, etc.
  • Data storage can be at panel or through network

4) Batch Cycle Programming

  • Programming of variables in 10 standard steps. Variables include:
  • Rotor Speed RPM •Ram pressure
  • Batch Temperature
  • Energy Utilization
  • Batch identification data
  • Other steps are easily added as options; e.g. Ingredient adder, bump ram
  • Recipe storage is almost unlimited
  • Tiling Assembly for Quick, Easy Access, Clean out
  • Chamber on Stress-relieved fabricated pedestals
  • One-piece Assembly on Roller Bearings
  • Tilt up to 130 deg., with Gearhead Motor and Brake

5) Push buttons, for safeties, manual operation, etc.

6) Data Acquisition/ Analysis

  • SCADA operating software.
  • Printer
  • Trending/ Graphics screen of Power (KW), Energy, and Batch Temperature.
  • Can be customized for additional analysis (e.g. drive performance, temp control)
  • Communication through network connections (LAN)

Optional Controls, Components, and Services:

TMP can provide whatever optional hardware or software, or technical service needed to integrate or add to mixing room capabilities and control. These can include:

  • Ingredient integration
  • Temperature control integration
  • Auxiliary equipment integration
  • Electrical motors, drives
  • Engineering Studies and Field Service