Extruder Dryer

French extruder dryers and mechanical dryers are used for many synthetic rubber materials. Extruder dryers and mechanical dryers normally will dry material that has been first dewatered to an 8-12% moisture by a mechanical screw press or expeller. Drying is accomplished by heating the polymer under pressure and then subjecting it to a flashing stage where the water is evaporated. Some residence time in a following conveyor will allow specification moistures and temperatures to be reduced.

French R-120 Extruder Dryer
This machine is a solid barrel extruder type dryer. Flashing takes place upon the material exiting from a die plate. The discharge material is in a porous pellet form that is easily final dried and cooled.

Our Model R-120 is a 10.25” diameter unit and has a capacity range of 2 tons/hr. to 8 tons/hr., depending on material. Our larger size 14” machine is available for even higher capacities.

Our R-120 was designed with the customer’s input. We met with many synthetic rubber producers around the world to obtain their input on what features are desired in an expansion type dryer. We received excellent input, and our Model R-120 includes many features for low maintenance and flexible operation.

For more information about our R-120 Extruder Dryer, please contact us online or call 937-773-3420. You may also download our brochure for the French R-120 solid barrel extruder dryer from our literature page.

Extruder Dryer Drying Press

Vented Mechanical Dryer
Our vented mechanical dryer utilized an adjustable orifice to control pressure and temperature. This 360 degree annular opening is followed by an atmospheric open vent mechanism to allow the flashed moisture to escape. The material is then pumped through a die plate where the product is cut into a dry, solid pellet form. This style of dryer has been used for most grades of SBS, SIS, and SEBS materials for over 30 years. Our design has been continually improved over the years based on our many years of experience.

Our vented mechanical dryer offers versatility – it can also be used in the close vent mode in order to provide porosity in the pellet. This allows a producer to make product in either a dense or porous pellet form.

For more information about our Vented Mechanical Dryer or other dewatering equipment models please contact us online or call 937-773-3420.