Under 100 Ton bob体育竞技风暴网 Designs

Our approach to custom designing a hydraulic press starts with learning more about your business and manufacturing processes so we can work together to create a press with capabilities tailored to your needs.

French hydraulic press engineers specialize in providing heavy duty stand-alone presses and press systems with variety of features including platen heating/cooling choices and advanced control systems to improve part quality and lower life-cycle costs.

100 Ton and Under bob体育竞技风暴网 Features Can Include:

  • Sideplate or column construction
  • Compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding and laminating styles available
  • Upacting or downacting with multiple daylights
  • Multi-zone heating and/or cooling platens
  • Automation features including shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems
  • Precision control packages
  • Built-in lift tubes facilitate ease of placement and relocation

View a Sample of our bob体育竞技风暴网 Designs:

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