500 bob体育竞技风暴网 Designs – Up to 575 Ton

Our hydraulic press engineers specialize in creating hydraulic press designs that are crafted to meet your needs. We equip our 500 ton hydraulic presses with custom features that align with your unique manufacturing operation. Plus, our expert technicians are on call to service them to help reduce downtime concerns. Customers appreciate the advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and dedicated aftermarket service support that we provide.

Custom-Made 500 Ton bob体育竞技风暴网 Designs (Up to 575 Ton)

French’s approach to custom designing a 500 ton hydraulic press starts with the customer. First, our team takes the time to get to know your business and manufacturing processes. Then, we create a press that is custom-made for your business’ unique needs. Our hydraulic press engineers are leading experts in designing heavy duty presses with custom features. These features may include platen heating/cooling choices, tilting platens and part knockout systems that improve production and that increase your profitability.

500 Ton bob体育竞技风暴网 Features (Up to 575 Ton)

Our 500 ton hydraulic press designs (up to 575 ton) can include features such as:

  • Reservoir and hydraulic power mounted on top, reducing press footprint
  • Up-acting or down-acting pressure
  • Heating and cooling platens
  • Automation features including shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems
  • Multiple daylights
  • Advanced control systems
  • Sideplate or column construction, C-frame or H-frame available
  • Compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding and laminating styles available

View a Sample of our bob体育竞技风暴网 Designs:

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We learn about your business operations to explore ways in which a custom hydraulic press can help improve your processes. Then, if a 500 ton hydraulic press is not be the best option for you, we will find a more suitable solution for your needs. So, please contact us to request a quote now.

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