VISION® Laboratory Presses


French’s VISION in Molding

French’s VISION® Series Modular Self-Contained Hydraulic Laboratory Presses combine the press, power unit and controls in a compact, modular package. Available in 30 ton to 150 ton models, VISION Series laboratory presses are suited to a wide range of applications and materials.

French built its reputation by manufacturing rugged, low-deflection production hydraulic presses. That engineering vision has been applied to the VISION Series of hydraulic laboratory presses, creating a small machine with the features and durability of larger presses.

These precision presses represent an ideal choice for either laboratory/development work or the rigors of regular production. VISION Series hydraulic laboratory presses deliver optimal performance in a diverse array of applications, including R&D work, testing, short runs, limited production, cell manufacturing and lean manufacturing.

VISION Laboratory Press

A list of production-oriented standard features insures consistent, repeatable results in even the most demanding applications. These include: Tie bar Supernut tensioners, electrically heated platens, piston pump power unit, and Allen-Bradley PLC controls. Supernut tensioners, a feature not typically found on comparable presses, simplify daylight adjustments because no special tools are required to loosen or tighten them. They are easily torqued to the correct specifications, insuring reliable, accurate performance. The use of a piston pump hydraulic power unit offers greater durability and increased efficiency. Power units feature high-quality Rexroth components as standard equipment. User-friendly Allen-Bradley controls are utilized throughout the VISION Series.

Options such as water cooled platens, proportional control, platen T-slots, and automation systems allow users to custom-tailor VISION Series hydraulic laboratory presses to suit their molding requirements. Contact a French sales representative for a complete list of standard and optional equipment for hydraulic laboratory presses.

The compact size of VISION Series hydraulic laboratory presses allows easy installation and relocation, and provides maximum layout flexibility. In lean manufacturing settings, VISION Series presses can easily be redirected to accommodate changes in production requirements. Built-in lift tubes facilitate placement and relocation. Optional leveling pads are also available.

As Your Partner in Processing, French designed the VISION Series to meet the changing needs of manufacturers operating in a global economy. These high-quality hydraulic presses deliver the Vision to Mold the 21st Century.

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