Clamshell bob体育竞技风暴网 es

French clamshell hydraulic presses are upacting and come in varied sizes and with several options. Sizes commonly range from 300 to 600 tons.

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Our equipment delivers uniform heat and pressure with our clamshell style press and high ram-to-platen size ratio. With the clamshell design, customers can mount their molding tool to the platen. The clamshell style’s ability to expose the upper mold plate and shuttle the lower mold plate obviates the need to remove tooling from the platen. The result is consistent and uniform heating of the molding tool. This design also provides good ergonomics by eliminating any lifting of the mold by the operator.

The high ram-to-platen size ratio ensures uniform pressure across the tool. Since pressure is uniform across the ram, matching the ram size to the platen size improves pressure translation to the platen and molding tool, reducing deflection. The result is more consistent dimensional characteristics across all the molding cavities. Our clambshell hydraulic press design enables our customers to hold consistent and precise tolerances for their most demanding customers.

450 Ton Clamshell Style bob体育竞技风暴网 for Rubber Molding