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French offers numerous production-improving hydraulic press automation solutions to complement our reliable hydraulic press designs. Whether you want to retrofit your existing hydraulic press or you are in the market for a new press system, French engineers partner with you to understand your processing applications and custom design the best solution for your manufacturing requirements. From individual options such as light curtains, vacuum packages, shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems to complete integrated turnkey systems, French will supply solutions that can increase production, save energy and improve part quality while lowering your operating costs.

We offer capacities generally ranging from 20 ton to 2,000 tons. Our commonly requested sizes include: bob体育电竞 , 1,000 ton hydraulic presses and 2,000 ton hydraulic presses.

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Some examples are provided below:

The Wave: 180 Ton Automated bob体育竞技风暴网

Multi station sideplate
6 double-acting hydraulic clamping cylinders
Mold critical components
Motion control

350 Ton Sideplate bob体育竞技风暴网 System

4-Press Cell
Front and Rear Operation
Mold Shuttle, Separation and Part Eject
Quick Tool Exchanges (SMED Concepts)

bob体育竞技风暴网 : 1000 Ton Composite Press

10′ x 12′ Pressing Surface
Front Shuttle System
Booking Upper Mold Half

Column Press: 550 Ton, Down Acting

24” x 24” Pressing Surface
Upper and Lower Eject Systems
Dual Opening Press with Synchronized Motion Control
Vacuum Box

675 ton hydraulic press system

Sideplate bob体育竞技风暴网 : 400 Ton, Up Acting

24” x 24” Pressing Surface
Vacuum bob体育竞技风暴网
Shuttle System
Mold Table w/Part Eject System

Sideplate bob体育竞技风暴网 : 400 Ton, Down Acting

100” x 70” Pressing System
Front Shuttle System
Front and Rear Light Curtain
Polyurethane Injection System

Column bob体育竞技风暴网 : 225 Ton, Up Acting

16” x 16” Pressing Surface
In Mold Vacuum System
Light Curtains
Part Eject System
Part Unloading System

bob体育竞技风暴网 : 75 Ton

54” x 44” Pressing Surface
Booking Upper Mold Half
Shuttle System
Part Insertion Robot

French Custom Automatic bob体育竞技风暴网 Increases Customer’s Production

Several years ago, Utex bob体育竞技风暴网 , Inc. in Weimar, Texas approached French® with their need for a new integrated hydraulic press system to mold composite and rubber seals for the oil and gas industry. Read how French created an automatic hydraulic press system that needed to allow flexibility in their existing process, increase production and also be adaptable to future business needs.