Screw Press Biofuels

Through the years French has adapted our preparation equipment, mechanical screw presses and Innovation Center testing services to accommodate a wide variety oilseeds, including those used for further processing into alternative fuels. We understand the need and opportunities for cleaner fuels and we partner with our customers to develop safe and environmentally friendly alternatives or supplements to petroleum-based diesel.

French equipment is well known in the industry for its rugged construction and outstanding durability. While French’s product line is broad, biofuels customers benefit most from our full size Achiever screw press and our laboratory size L-250 press. With these two screw press models, we offer six different press sizes to satisfy customer’s individual processing needs.

We have helped many companies develop the optimal way to process their biofuels feedstock through lab tests performed in our Innovation Center. Algae, bagasse, canola, halophytes, rapeseed and used cooking oil are just a small example of what French engineers can test in our Innovation Center laboratory. After testing, French engineers apply the intimate knowledge of the customer’s extraction process to our designs to deliver equipment that produces high quality crude oil and mean with maximum productivity and operating efficiencies that decrease processing costs per ton.

French performs testing for many customers and understands how important trade secrets are to the success of their customer’s business and therefore ensures that testing will not to be disclosed to a third party.

Biodiesel Processing
Achiever Screw Press for Oil Extraction
Achiever Screw Press for Oil Extraction