Hydraulic Vacuum Lamination Press

Successful lamination begins with the selection of the proper materials and equipment. It is important that the designer and engineers understand the capabilities of your shop as well as the complexity and final finish of your products prior to choosing a bonding or lamination method. Our experienced engineers take the time to go through these critical elements of your process and deliver innovative and dependable lamination presses for the job.

In 2009 we expanded our hydraulic vacuum lamination press offerings through the acquisition of the Cleveland-based press manufacturer, TMP – Technical Machine Products, and we continue innovate our designs to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

We design and manufacture French and TMP brand presses for many lamination applications, including:

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Automatic Lamination Press for Circuit Board Manufacturing

This 300 ton TMP design vacuum automatic hydraulic lamination system for circuit board manufacturing features electrically heated platens for high temperature heating up to 750 ºF and controlled air and/or water-cooling capability for advanced material uniformity. The Edge Advanced Control System allows process parameter monitoring, recipe storage, real time data storage and other custom recipes with selectable sheet sizes.

Custom Lamination Press for Circuit Boards Used in Military and Communication bob体育竞技风暴网

Read how a specially designed custom Lamination Press to manufacture circuit boards for military communication is rated for high temperature heating up to 850°F. The specialized heating and cooling program delivers accurate temperature of 1°F per minute, a significant cost saving feature when using high-end materials. An automatic conveyor system and loading/unloading equipment increases the customer’s cycle time.


Plastic Card Lamination Press

The TMP ML series press for card lamination print shops, mailing houses and short-run plastic card operations is capable of producing 2640 plastic cards per hour. The lamination press utilizes 18″ x 26″ aluminum platens, which increase temperature uniformity and production when compared to standard steel platens.

Read more about the ML series card lamination press.


Lamination Press for Laboratory Work

“The Starter”, a small lamination press is suitable for low-quantity, special card production, laboratory or prototype work, or as a start-up press for new companies. The standard model has a 10″ x 10″ platen size and is capable of producing about 160 cards per hour. The lamination press has one hot and one cold opening, with work manually transferred. This simulates TMP’s dual press, high production system, making it an ideal laboratory or prototype lamination press.

The Starter Lamination Press is compact and easy to install and operate with basic automatic controls, providing accurate temperature control of the electrically heated platens and an electronic timer. It uses only one-half the electricity and produces three times the cards of a traditional small lab press. As a turnkey system, it is delivered with transfer trays, polished lamination plates and lamination pads.

100 ton VISION Lamination Press

Lamination Press with Twin bob体育竞技风暴网 Arrangements

Our low profile hydraulic lamination press is installed at floor level, no pit is required, reducing the cost of installation. With the lowest opening just 18 inches above ground level, the system allows for both ease of inspection and simplified maintenance. Read how the lamination press yields more uniform products and reduces scrap rates by minimizing deflection and assuring perfectly flat products.