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French supplies hydraulic presses to precision form grinding wheels.

Learn more about our hydraulic press solutions for abrasive applications.

Our compact and self-contained hydraulic presses feature stainless steel or special alloy heated platens for high temperature heating up to 1200ºF. The platens are fitted with multiple zones and a special shaded watt density cartridge-type heating elements for temperature uniformity, which invariably improves party quality and reduces scrap. Also included is hardware to allow staged cooling via air, mist or water, which reduces the thermal shock to the heated platens and to the hydraulic press parts.

Energy efficient hydraulic systems allow for accurate, high-pressure forming or hybrid bonding of most wheel formulations and the ability to control pressure based on time or temperature, giving you flexibility in your process. The heavy-duty press components are designed for minimum deflection. Specially designed control systems allow multiple segment sequence of operation and 100% traceability of the press cycle to reduce operator error. Optional process alarms are available.

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 for Grinding Wheels
French hydraulic press designed to hybrid bond grinding wheels