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In order to be competitive in the ever-growing and changing market of composite materials, you need to ensure that the equipment you use in your process is designed by engineers that have the same high standards for advanced technology and quality that you do.

French makes proven French and TMP style hydraulic composite presses for many composite material applications, including these:

  • Aerospace Components
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Sports & Recreation
  • SRIM bob体育竞技风暴网
  • Oil & Gas

French and TMP composite presses may be fitted with our UNI-TEMP Thermal Management Solutions, delivering advanced uniform temperature control into forming, laminating, molding or tooling applications. The UNI-TEMP two-phase heat transfer technology allows stable and controlled temperature rise and fall while maintaining a steady temperature +/-3°C.

If you are not in the market for a new press, we can retrofit your existing composite molding press with UNI-TEMP heated platens or you can integrate UNI-TEMP thermal management bars in tooling for improved core heating, yielding higher quality parts.  These retrofits, along with upgrading your hydraulic press control system to our specialized recipe and data collection, the Edge II Control System, increases your ability to maintain consistent production quality.

Contact a French Sales Engineer for more information about our hydraulic press molding solutions for composite press applications that improve productivity by reducing or eliminating scrap and costly, time-consuming, post-press finishing operations.

Browse through examples of our various hydraulic press designs. Some are provided below:


New Three Press Hydraulic System Efficiently Molds Composite Medical Parts

Our engineers recently debuted a self-contained, three press hydraulic system with one central press controller for compression molding composite medical parts.  Each compression press was designed with three daylights, totaling nine pressing surfaces to effectively increase production rates.

Each press is capable of 10 tons pressing capacity and is designed with one heat and cool zone per platen and independent set points, read more for details on the press technical specifications.

three press hydraulic system
Three Press Hydraulic System

Custom 400 Ton bob体育竞技风暴网 Composite Molding System

Read how our engineers custom designed a 400 ton sideplate hydraulic press, which features 36” x 24” platens and a 38” daylight opening between press head and moving bolster.  Platen water cooling or heating functions, either electric, oil, steam or our specialized UNI-TEMP heated platens can be customized based on the customer’s manufacturing requirements.

The compression Press Control System is a microprocessor-based system, designed to improve quality through better processing accuracy, repeatability, versatile process-control programming and monitoring of data for analysis. The system is operator-friendly, simple to use and easily utilized to control most molding applications.

Automatic Composite Molding System Reduces Production Costs

French’s new four press composite molding system features two heated presses for heating up to 1000°F and two water-cooled presses. An automated system moves the material through each press increasing production rates and reducing production costs. In addition, a central, self-contained hydraulic system is designed for fast close and opening of the presses to increase cycle speed. Read how the composite press operator can adjust tonnage and pressure rise for precise part molding.

400 ton hydraulic press
400 Ton Composite Molding bob体育竞技风暴网

Composite Molding Press for Medical Laboratory Testing Components

This 300-ton downacting press was designed for a customer molding composite medical components. The press features a heavy-duty ground headblock to yield low deflection levels and three knock out cylinders that allow the customer to run their full range of molds. Read how TMP partnered with the customer’s engineers to design a specialized operator interface that could be integrated into their existing programs.

High Temperature Composite Molding Line

Read how TMP’s automated high temperature composite molding press systems can be designed with either 4-post or sideplate construction to meet the customer’s molding needs. Additional features for vacuum molding or enhanced automation are also available. An integrated material transfer system moves the part material into an oven to reach the programmed temperature, then onto forming dies in the press. After the pressing cycle, the formed part is automatically moved out of the press for part removal and quick, easy loading of new material.

Tilting-Platen Composite Press

We offer a downacting composite press design that features either upper or lower tilting platens (or both) for easy mold access and cleaning. It also includes operator guarding and a special clamp locking system.

Specialty Furniture Composite Press

Are you looking for a press for the specialty furniture market?  We offer a composite press developed specifically for the compaction of material to produce office and school furniture. Several unique systems provide the necessary control to mold these unique materials.

SRIM Composite Press

The Automatic Moving Bolster Press, designed for Structural Reaction Injection Molding (SRIM) applications in the automotive industry, provides up to 1000 tons of clamping force, less than 0.005″ deflection, and a 12′ by 10′ pressing surface. The process allows the production of structurally reinforced component design (non-uniform cross sections) in a single molding operation.