Aerospace, Military & Defense

bob体育竞技风暴网 es for Aerospace, Military & Defense bob体育竞技风暴网

French makes proven, ruggedly built French and TMP hydraulic presses ranging from 2 to 2,000 tons for many aerospace, military and defense applications, including these:

  • Military vehicle tires and tracks
  • Honeycomb wing structures
  • Interior and exterior aircraft body panels
  • Composite brake components and assemblies
  • Critical high temperature molding materials
  • Seals and gaskets

Aerospace and defense engineers are making continuous improvements in the performance, endurance, weight, structural integrity and thermal stability of their designs. French engineers will partner with you to understand your processing applications and your customer’s molding regulations. We utilize this information to custom design rugged, low deflection equipment and systems that provide the best solution for your manufacturing requirements.

Contact a French Sales Engineer for more information on new custom hydraulic presses or press calibration services for your military defense applications.

French combines a rugged patented taper key sideplate press design, with highly dependable electrical and hydraulic systems designed to meet most stringent quality requirements. Many of the design features not only extend the life of the press, but also produce more consistent and higher quality parts. They contribute to the lowering of production costs by reducing scrap rate, flash and post handling requirements. This dependability helps reduce the Total Life Cycle Costs, while improving overall profitability.

Multiple Daylight presses with independent deck motion control provide flexibility in the cycle operation, and greater access for material loading and part removal.

Our hydraulic press repair and calibration services will help give you optimal molding performance with your existing hydraulic press. In addition to our maintenance and calibration programs, French offers replacement parts including seals, glands and heated platens or we can rebuild your press or its parts, including hydraulic cylinders, rams or press electronics.

French 400 Ton bob体育竞技风暴网 for manufacturing aircraft components

Automated Press for Aerospace

In the video, a French automated hydraulic press demonstrates its closed-loop hydraulic motion control by doing The Wave. The 180-ton press features six double-acting hydraulic clamping cylinders and was custom-designed to mold critical components for the aerospace industry.Custom Lamination Press for Circuit Boards Used in Military and Communication bob体育竞技风暴网

TMP’s Lamination Press specially designed to manufacture circuit boards for military communication is rated for high temperature heating up to 850°F. The specialized heating and cooling program delivers accurate temperature of 1°F per minute, a significant cost saving feature when using high-end materials. Read how an automatic conveyor system and loading/unloading equipment increased the customer’s cycle time.

500 ton Custom Designed Hydraulic Platen Press to Form Aircraft Parts

TMP’s 500 ton Hydraulic Platen Press was custom designed for a customer forming large aircraft parts. To accommodate the customer’s unique processing requirements the press features special 60×144 heated platens and meets strict audible noise requirements when in operation. Read how the hydraulic unit for the press was strategically mounted on a base plate to allow in-plant flexibility.