Aftermarket Parts

The French Parts & Services Group supplies high-quality replacement parts for all French and TMP hydraulic press models, rubber mixers, French Oilseed extraction and processing equipment, Polymer and Fiber machinery. From hydraulic presses for tennis shoes to golf balls, from Polymer dewatering to drying presses, from Oilseed soybean to sunflower screw presses and other machinery, and from Fiber pulp to OCC presses, French has high-quality, original equipment replacement parts for your machine. French ships replacement parts to nearly any location in the world.

French supplies replacement parts manufactured to original factory tolerances and material specifications, in accordance with stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality control procedures. Extensive archives of original detail drawings and assembly diagrams give French a distinct advantage over other parts suppliers.


While some “discount” parts suppliers may offer items at a lower cost than French, it’s often an “apples and oranges” comparison. Many times those parts aren’t manufactured to French quality standards, tolerances and material specifications. These cheaper parts often yield poor operating performance and shorter service life, eating up the short-term “savings.”  Further, through our continued innovation, French engineers may have an updated, performance enhancing part design.

In some instances however, a change in application or budget limitations may require replacement parts to be manufactured to specifications other than the original factory specifications. When required, French will quote and supply replacement parts manufactured to the customer’s specifications, while still adhering to the highest quality standards. French can also supply your replacement equipment manual, recondition or rebuild many wearing items, such as hydraulic press cylinders, back to original specifications.

Field service technicians are available to assist with installation and any troubleshooting requirements. French also offers maintenance and calibration programs designed to keep equipment in peak operating condition.